Which national recreation areas will be closed?

National recreation areas (NRAs) are state-level recreation areas established to manage and promote recreational opportunities and opportunities for people of all ages.These include state parks, hiking trails, hiking towns, campgrounds, recreational centers, and the National Recreation Lands.NRAs are generally smaller […]

Why is the Stanley Cup winning team named the Stanley Trophy winners?

The NHL is celebrating its centennial in 2019.The winner of the Stanley cup will be announced on June 23, 2019.Stanley Cup champions will receive a lifetime achievement award from the NHL.The award will be presented to the league’s 10 highest-scoring […]

When Arizona legalized marijuana, it opened up more recreational opportunities for people in the Southwest

Tuttleton recreation area in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, has reopened after being shut down since March.It reopened Tuesday after being closed for more than two weeks.“We’re not a recreational site, so we’re not allowed to be a recreational place,” said Tuttletoe resident […]

Which recreational cannabis dispensary are you most excited to see open in Colorado?

4 FourFour Two’s Lauren Oates has a new article: Which recreational marijuana dispensary are we most excited about opening in Colorado this fall?According to Denver Business Journal, the answer is none of the above.The news outlet recently released a report […]

How many recreational dispensaries are in the world?

A new study from researchers at the University of California at Davis found that there are currently just over 50 recreational dispensaries in the United States.That number was the lowest since 2008, and has been decreasing for years.That may seem […]

What’s wrong with recreational drugs?

The latest buzzword in drug policy is recreational drugs, which have become a part of our everyday lives.But do they work?Is recreational drugs as harmful as they’re being made out to be?Let’s explore these issues and more.1.Recreational drugs are addictive.That’s […]