Conservatives demand DOJ probe of recreational weed dispensaries

Conservatives want the Justice Department to investigate recreational marijuana businesses in Washington state, and the Trump administration is likely to be receptive to their call.A federal appeals court has allowed the state of Washington to begin issuing recreational marijuana licenses.The […]

How to build a replica of the Great Irish Famine: The Gardiner Express

The first rail car that connected Dublin to Dublin is in the process of being dismantled at the Gardiner Industrial Park.It’s been one of the busiest rail yards in the country for the last decade, and it’s the scene of […]

The biggest drug retailer in the UK is selling a new line of drugs that could be cheaper than cocaine

The UK’s biggest drug retailer is selling an entirely new line to tackle the problems that come with dealing in the country’s booming illicit drug trade.Key points:Tobacco and heroin are both increasingly becoming more expensive, with tobacco prices climbing as […]

How to Grow Marijuana in Idaho: How to Choose Your Marijuana Planting Location

The federal government and Idaho have both approved medical marijuana, but it’s only in the last few years that medical marijuana has made a significant dent in the state’s marijuana industry.In 2017, Idaho became the first state in the country […]