A new trend in Australian pot culture has begun: A few shots of beer, beer shots

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine from Perth, Australia, told me she was having trouble with her cannabis use.

She’d started smoking marijuana in her teens and it was really hard to quit.

She had used it on occasions to relieve her insomnia, but had always struggled to stay off.

Her friend explained that the last time she smoked, she was in a haze, feeling extremely high, and felt that she was on the verge of suicide.

This was an odd comment, as she’d never really used cannabis before.

And the fact that she’d always been high made me worry.

So I decided to go out and find out more.

I went to a local pub, sat down and bought her some beer.

Then, I tried to smoke a few of her shots of cannabis, and she was shocked to find that she wasn’t hallucinating.

She said that she could still smell the cannabis, but was completely relaxed and able to enjoy the beer.

So this was a real wake-up call.

My friend has a history of psychosis and is currently on a medication to help her cope with her psychotic episodes.

She’s never had any cannabis before, so I was intrigued.

I had her give me some data to try to understand what she was experiencing.

What she had found was that cannabis was not as good as she thought it was.

I tried it, and was shocked at how different it was to the kind of high I was used to.

The cannabis in my shot of beer was actually very different to the one I smoked.

The beer shot was much more enjoyable and had a lot more bang for my buck.

But my friend had also been taking some medication to cope with psychosis.

When she’s not high, she’s often having difficulty concentrating and often gets distracted and confused by the sounds around her.

So, the cannabis was also having a very positive effect on her.

But as a recreational user, I wondered whether it was affecting her in the same way that the alcohol or drugs did.

And what’s more, she’d had trouble with both cannabis and alcohol before.

When I told her that, she said that the only thing that was different about the cannabis she was smoking was that she couldn’t feel it.

And that’s a big issue, because alcohol and cannabis are both stimulants.

And it seems like the same effect that cannabis can have on the brain, but it’s not as addictive as other drugs.

The idea that cannabis would help me when I had a hangover and a hangovers could help my brain was interesting to me.

So on my next trip, I went back and smoked a few more shots of the beer shot, this time with a friend.

It was much different to what she’d done before.

The effects were much less intense, but the experience was much smoother.

I felt much better, I was a bit more relaxed and it made me feel really good.

My new-found confidence helped me relax a bit and I even enjoyed myself a little bit more.

But there was one thing I noticed: the beer wasn’t as good for me as I thought it would be.

After a few days of trying to smoke cannabis, I began to wonder if the cannabis in her shot might be a little less than it was, and that it wasn’t really helping her cope.

So she called me and asked me to give her some more data.

We went back to her and she gave me a list of things she thought were important.

I gave her a couple of things, and then she gave her some data that would help her understand if cannabis helped her.

And she was surprised that she didn’t have any negative effects after using cannabis.

And I felt like this was actually a good sign, because this was all she had been doing before.

But she also said that her cannabis had made her feel less vulnerable to her psychosis.

So in a sense, she had just made a new life for herself.

And as I’ve mentioned before, she is a very sensitive woman.

She knows how to work through difficult situations.

She has an open and compassionate personality, and is a good listener and can listen to other people and get their perspective on their own experiences.

I was quite surprised by what she had told me.

But at the same time, I also felt a bit like I was missing something.

I’ve always been really sceptical about cannabis, because I don’t think it is good for you.

It can cause problems with your memory and mental health.

It also has some negative side effects, like you might experience anxiety or depression.

But I also think that it’s important to recognise that it is not as bad as people might think.

If you smoke cannabis regularly and don’t smoke alcohol or cigarettes, there’s no harm.

But if you smoke marijuana regularly and use cannabis regularly, there will be some problems.

For example, cannabis can be absorbed through the skin and you can also get lung cancer.