Cannabis: An interesting topic in Colorado

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado since the beginning of the year.

But the new law doesn’t allow recreational pot shops to open until February of 2019.

The law also does not include a definition of recreational cannabis.

That means businesses that do not have the legal ability to sell marijuana to the public can’t open until they complete the regulatory process.

There are a few hurdles to overcome before recreational pot is allowed to open to the general public.

Here are some questions and answers about recreational marijuana.

Who gets to open recreational pot?

The federal government has said it will not approve a state that does not legalize recreational marijuana, which would likely leave recreational marijuana businesses in limbo.

That’s where the Colorado Recreational Marijuana Act comes in.

Under the bill, recreational marijuana would be sold to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

That agency would then approve it and sell it to the recreational pot retailers.

How will recreational pot be taxed?

Recreational pot sales would be taxed at the same rate as other retail sales in Colorado.

How much money will the recreational marijuana stores make?

Recreationally grown marijuana would get the same tax rate as retail marijuana.

Recreational cannabis would also get a 3 per cent excise tax on all sales.

That excise tax would be phased in over three years.

The final tax rate will depend on the size of the recreational businesses, how many sales are made, and whether recreational pot stores can be licensed.

Who will be responsible for cleaning up after recreational pot sales?

Recreations are responsible for any marijuana that ends up in the hands of customers.

How is recreational pot regulated?

Recreate cannabis will have to follow the same rules as retail pot.

That includes enforcing the new laws and making sure recreational marijuana is not sold to minors.

But it won’t be easy for recreational pot to be sold in grocery stores or at gas stations.

What about the people who do sell recreational marijuana?

Recreates are still in the early stages of recreational marijuana’s legalization.

The legislation has not yet been approved by the Colorado State Legislature and will not be until the end of 2019, which is when recreational marijuana will become legal.

The next step for recreational marijuana in Colorado is to be passed into law by voters.

If that happens, recreational pot will become available to recreational marijuana retailers in the state in mid-2020.

But before recreational marijuana becomes available to the broader recreational marijuana community, it needs to be legalized by the state government.

What happens to recreational pot businesses that are closed?

There are some businesses that would be affected by closing recreational pot outlets.

Those businesses will have the option of closing up shop for good.

However, many recreational pot operators have told The Globe and Mail they’re keeping their businesses open because it’s a matter of safety.

If recreational marijuana shops do close down, that would mean those businesses would have to shut down their businesses and have to apply to the federal government to reopen.

What are the potential health risks associated with recreational marijuana use?

Recreants say they don’t know the full extent of the potential risks of recreational pot use.

That makes it important to make sure that recreational pot does not cause a rise in marijuana use or marijuana overdose.

How do I get started with recreational pot in Colorado?

If you’re a Colorado resident, there are two main ways to start out with recreational weed: buying online and growing your own.

There’s also a growing number of businesses offering recreational weed for recreational use.

If you don’t want to buy online, there is a growing list of online dispensaries offering recreational marijuana that you can check out.

And you can also grow your own cannabis.

If your friends or family are in Colorado, there’s a growing amount of recreational weed available for them to buy.