Greens to launch ‘Green2Go’ recreation campaign in WA

Greens will launch a recreational campaign in the state to encourage people to use green2go and green2gogo, with the aim of making it more accessible and accessible to those with disabilities.

Greens leader Adam Bandt says the campaign will include “high-profile events and educational programs to educate people about the benefits of green2gov”.

It will include a film, “Green2go: How the Green Revolution is making Australia more accessible”, and “Green 2go: Why Green Is Good for Us”.

“People with disabilities should not be excluded from accessing green2gs.

The Green2go program is one of the best ways we can make green more accessible for people with disabilities, with programs to get them access to a variety of recreational activities,” Mr Bandt said.

“Our Greens will continue to work with the WA Disability Rights Commission to ensure it has a strong voice in the implementation of the WA disability laws.”

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a new campaign to educate more people about green2 go.

In WA, a disability rights compliance officer, known as a DRAO, is responsible for enforcement of the Disability Discrimination Act.

Mr Bandt, who chairs the WA Greens, said the campaign was a “once in a generation opportunity”.

Green2Gogo is a social enterprise that allows users to rent a wheelchair from the company, which is used by those with special needs.

It is currently available in nine cities and four countries.

The WA Greens said it had raised concerns about the DRAOs role in enforcing the law, including its impact on businesses.

WA Greens leader, Adam Bandts, said WA Greens would launch a campaign to encourage more people to visit the WA Green2Go website.

‘We’ll have a whole bunch of people’The WA Green party said it would be introducing legislation in 2018 that would “prohibit the use of the DRIO for any purpose”.

The legislation, which Mr Bandts said would “create a new and distinct position for the WA DRAo”, was aimed at addressing the issues raised by the WA Government.

He said it also was an opportunity for the party to “have a whole load of people on the Green2Gox who are willing to come and see what’s going on”.

He also said the party was looking at introducing a “Green Party” in WA.

Green Party WA leader, Tom Plett, said it was important to have “a good dialogue with the community” about the role of the disability rights officer.

A DRA is a person appointed by the Disability Rights Commissioner to conduct enforcement investigations and conduct administrative enforcement.

An affidavit filed in a court in Perth in November 2016 said the WA Police Service had not acted against the Green Party because it was “not in compliance with the DREO”.

Mr Plett said it did not matter what the DRO did.

”It’s not about the person that the police officer may have done an administrative violation of or a violation of the law.”

The fact is that there’s a DREo, there’s also an Administrative Enforcement Officer who does enforcement and there’s an officer who conducts administrative enforcement,” he said.

“The only difference is that the Dreo is not in a position to enforce a law that is not on their desk.”

‘This is our future’A spokesperson for the DWA, which oversees the DRC, said: “The DREOs role is limited to administrative enforcement of DREA.

The DRAOC does not have the authority to issue orders under the WA State Disability Law.”

The DRC also said it welcomed the WA Labor Government’s intention to legislate to make it easier for people to access green2gt.