How to get a cannabis cigarette on your Christmas list

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is allowing cannabis smokers to buy recreational marijuana cigarettes on Christmas Eve, according to state lawmakers.

Under a new law passed last year, anyone 21 and older can legally purchase a joint of the drug at any grocery store and can buy up to four joints a day at the state’s eight retail stores.

However, those smoking marijuana in public will need a state permit.

The law was meant to prevent repeat offenses, and to ensure the state doesn’t fall victim to the growing popularity of cannabis in the country.

“The state legislature has been considering this issue for years and it is an issue that is important to the Commonwealth,” said State Senator David Zirkin.

“The bill that was passed by the legislature would have allowed recreational marijuana sales to begin at midnight on Christmas eve.”

A spokesman for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health said the department is working with the state legislature to come up with a date and time for recreational marijuana retail.

Massachusetts is one of a number of states where recreational marijuana is legal and legal recreational marijuana smoking is legal.