How to get a new Pennsylvania recreational pot license

A Pennsylvania recreation-governments office will issue a new recreational marijuana license in the coming weeks, after a bill that would legalize recreational pot was killed in the legislature.

The state’s Office of Recreational Marijuana Enforcement, or ORMSE, will issue the new permit for cultivation and sale, according to a press release on Wednesday.

A permit would be issued by July 10, and can only be renewed for a maximum of 30 days.

ORMSEA has not released the total number of licenses issued.

The bill, HB 2493, would have created a “marijuana cultivation, processing, and retail” business in the state.

The new law would have allowed recreational marijuana to be grown, processed, and sold in the same manner as traditional retail marijuana.

The legislature passed the bill by a wide margin, after the governor vetoed the bill earlier this year.

But the bill failed to make it to Gov.

Tom Wolf’s desk, and the governor did not sign the bill into law.

The law would also have allowed people 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana for personal use.

The ORMSA press release notes that the state is not going to prosecute anyone for possessing up to one ounce of recreational marijuana in a recreational pot shop.

However, ORMSCs marijuana enforcement efforts, including arrests and criminal prosecutions, are underway.