How to Get Around the Weed Laws in Recreational States

When it comes to recreational marijuana, Colorado and Washington state have been pretty good, according to research.

The Colorado and Oregon laws have been widely praised, and the state of Washington has seen its marijuana laws change a bit from 2014, but overall, it has been a pretty good year for recreational weed.

So when it comes time to get around state marijuana laws, here are a few tips to help.1.

Go to the store 1.

Go for a grower’s cup of weed 1.

Don’t smoke at home.

Instead, get yourself a growler, and get a good-sized pot of it.

(If you’re a smoker, go for a smoke or two to keep you sober.)2.

Use a vaporizer or other portable device.


Take your phone with you.


Do not smoke on your couch.



Use it with caution.

If you’re smoking at home, it’s probably best to get a little bit of marijuana on the side of your mouth to avoid inhaling too much smoke.6.

Check your IDs.7.

Buy from trusted dealers.8.

Talk to a friend who’s also a recreational weed smoker.

If your friend’s also into the hobby, they can also help.9.

Check the website.10.

Look up the product you want online.11.

Buy it at a store.12.

Donate to a marijuana fund.