How to grow a marijuana garden in a few weeks

The best way to get started with recreational weed cultivation in Australia is to buy it on Amazon or from a farmer’s market.

It’s not an easy feat to make a living from cannabis cultivation, so many people turn to online stores and local farms to provide a steady supply.

Here’s a rundown of the most popular online cannabis farms and the most common questions people ask.

The biggest cannabis farms in Australia have been in Sydney and Melbourne.

Both have established economies built around the cannabis crop, and they are both booming.

The most popular growers are from Sydney, with an estimated 500 hectares of marijuana cultivated annually.

In Sydney, the number of farms is in the thousands, but the majority of the growers have their own brands.

They all offer the same basic product, including a wide range of strains, which can range from medium-high to extremely high.

There are plenty of online growers and farmers markets, but not all of them are the same.

Some are focused on growing for medicinal purposes, while others sell cannabis for recreational purposes.

We’ve taken a look at some of the more popular weed farms in Sydney, and what they offer.

Nathan Dingle is the head of weed at the Green Spot cannabis farm in the north-west of Sydney.

He and his wife, Sarah, bought the land in 2016.

“We were really happy with the quality and the quality of the soil and we thought it was a great place to start,” he says.

While there is an abundance of varieties available for cultivation, the mainstay is the strain that Nathan Dingle prefers.

Dingle says the main thing about the Green Spots cannabis farm is the proximity to the CBD.

“The CBD is pretty much the hub of the cannabis industry in the country, and we’re on the CBD so it’s really convenient,” he said.

As well as the main strain, Nathan Dilleys other favourites include anemone, chunky and sweet, and blueberry.

He says the plants can grow from a single plant to three to four plants, depending on the season.

“If it’s a hot summer day we’ll grow from two to four, if it’s cooler it’ll grow to five or six,” he explained.

For growing, Nathan is happy to plant his own cannabis in a small area, but says it’s important to have an area that is safe and controlled.

“There are some plants that we have to grow in a separate place to protect them from the weather,” he explains.

Another weed farmer in the CBD, Tony O’Connor, said he has been growing cannabis for more than 30 years.

O’Connor has been cultivating cannabis in the small paddock of his paddock since 1993, when he started out growing it himself.

One of the biggest concerns for cannabis farmers is pests.

“They can be difficult to deal with.

You can have pests in your cannabis but theres no pests in weed,” he told

“It’s pretty hard to do a pest control on cannabis.

There are a lot of things that you can’t control.

I think there are some things you can do but you have to be careful.”

The problem is that the pests don’t seem to have gone away completely, as pests such as termites and ants have become a regular occurrence.

O’Connors advice to farmers is to keep an eye on their soil and soil quality, and monitor soil pH and nutrient levels.

Some growers are also looking to expand their operations. 

David Ragan, from the CBD cannabis growers’ association, said the CBD was a good place to expand.

“You can see the number and variety of growers, the quality, the diversity, and it’s one of the best places to grow for the next crop,” he advised.

Cannabis farmers have become increasingly important in the state’s economy, especially after a federal crackdown on the illegal cannabis industry.

In July 2018, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced he was abolishing the federal government’s $US40 billion “budgets” to support marijuana cultivation.

The move was seen as a major step towards reducing cannabis cultivation in the states.

With the number growing, it’s only a matter of time before recreational weed grows in Sydney.