How to grow your own marijuana in Massachusetts

Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts, but some recreational pot growers say the state has no incentive to enforce its rules, and that many people use it illegally.

The recreational marijuana market is expected to expand significantly this year, with a potential $2 billion crop.

But many recreational marijuana growers say Massachusetts has no incentives to enforce recreational pot rules.

And there is growing concern that some marijuana businesses will fail if they don’t comply with new state regulations, such as requiring growers to have a permit to sell their products.

The Fairland Recreational Park in TuttletOWN recreational park in Tottemore recreation area in Taunton recreational parkIn some states, marijuana cultivation is legal, but it is illegal to grow or possess it.

Marijuana grows in several areas across the country, from California to Arizona.

But in Massachusetts the state’s laws have remained largely unchanged for decades.

The Massachusetts Marijuana Growers Association says growers have an incentive to grow illegally because they earn money.

The association’s president, Steve Pomerantz, says that for many recreational pot users, it is easier to get a permit than it is to grow.

It is also harder to find a job that requires a permit, and he says it is difficult to get growers to sign a non-disclosure agreement when they are selling to a recreational market.

A new bill proposed in the Massachusetts Senate would allow recreational pot businesses to keep their business licenses and to keep sales in the state.

It is also proposed that all businesses would be required to post their marijuana sales in public locations, like grocery stores.

It’s unclear how the bill will be voted on, but advocates say it’s a step in the right direction.

“It is very concerning that there are some growers who will be able to operate without having a permit,” Pomeranz said.

“They’re not going to be able, if they’re going to operate legally, to continue to grow.”

The bill is also expected to be approved by the House.

It would make it a misdemeanor to grow marijuana outside of a state-approved grow facility, but recreational marijuana is still illegal to possess.

In Massachusetts, there are more than 40 recreational marijuana grow sites, and growers can operate anywhere from one to two locations.

The Marijuana Grower’s Association estimates there are about 2,000 recreational pot grow sites in the country.

“I think it’s just another piece of the puzzle,” Pompez said.

The bill would also allow recreational marijuana businesses to grow up to six marijuana plants per household, though some growers argue that’s too many plants for their customers.

The law also allows for growers to operate in other areas of the state, such in a restaurant, retail store, or office.

The Association says that most recreational marijuana users would prefer to grow outdoors.

“We know from the experience of recreational use that people who use marijuana for recreational purposes prefer to live in an urban area, which would be a lot more attractive,” said Pomeranza.