How to keep the lake from drowning in the summer – The Sun

A family from south India was among the first to notice that the water in their lake was getting quite low.

They didn’t want to sink to their deaths.

But the family decided to keep going anyway, because the lake was their livelihood.

“We had two boys, who were both in primary school, and the lake is their home.

So, we had to go out and fish.

But we would go and fish for fish only,” said the mother of five.

In this photo, a man fishes from a boat in a lake in north India.

The water in the lake has sunk to almost nothing.

In summer, the family would bring in fish to eat.

In the summer of 2015, however, they noticed the water was getting too low.

“It was quite dangerous, because it was a big lake, and it was freezing cold.

We were worried about the boys, because we had not been able to bring them any fish.

So we decided to try and bring some water back, and we tried to put some fish into the lake, but the water just got too low,” the mother told the Daily Mail.

In a desperate bid to save their boat, the mother and her husband, who was also in primary schools, decided to bring some of the water back in.

They started fishing again in May.

“But the water kept getting lower.

The water was becoming quite high.

And, as it got higher, the ice started to melt.

So the fish couldn’t swim out,” the woman said.”

Then, we started to think about taking our family and our kids out of the lake.

But then we realised that the lake water is really salty.

So if we were to bring back the water, the lake would be more salty,” she added.

Despite the water being too low to fish, the parents managed to bring a fish to shore.

Now the family are not planning to return to the lake any time soon.

“The water level has fallen down to about 40 feet now, but we have seen that the ice has melted.

We are planning to take out some ice to go into the water to bring the water up to the surface.

We hope we can do that soon,” the family told the Mail.”

For us, it is a loss.

We have lost our livelihood, but at the same time we are happy to have it back,” said Suresh.

In addition to the parents, the water is being cared for by a family from Uttar Pradesh.