How to Paint a Galactic Home

In the midst of the 2016 presidential election, NASA is hoping to create an online space-themed painting contest, drawing inspiration from the famous painting of George Washington by George Coltrane.

The agency, which has commissioned a team of experts to develop an online tool to help people create the paintings they want, has released a guide on how to create one of the most popular, most recognizable, and iconic paintings of the 20th century, The Washington Post reports.

The painting was by Coltrance, a painter who also made a number of paintings, including “The Stars and Stripes.”NASA’s mission is to explore the universe and is part of NASA’s larger mission to explore and protect life.

The painting, which depicts the historic event of Washington’s inauguration, is known for its red and white stripes.

In the painting, the crowd is divided between a red and yellow-bordered crowd of supporters and a yellow-colored crowd of protesters, who are all supporting a man named Benjamin Franklin.

The public can create an original digital image or digitally print out a painting using the NASA online tools.

Once created, the image can be submitted to NASA’s PaintHub, which allows for the public to submit artwork, or you can upload a photo or video of the artwork.

The site allows artists to submit as many images as they want.NASA is inviting people to submit images of their painting to

In addition to submitting images, NASA has also announced a new website,, which will allow people to upload a 3D image of their artwork.