How to play for a team at Georgia’s next championship event

The Georgia men’s basketball team has been crowned the 2017-18 National Champion.

Here are the highlights of the Bulldogs’ victory:1.

The Bulldogs’ new No. 4 ranked opponent was the University of Georgia.

The Bulldogs’ season is over and the team will return to Athens on Monday for the first of two pre-season games against the Bulldogs.2.

Georgia’s last four opponents in the ACC were ranked in the top 50.

The team’s opponents this season have been ranked in that top 50 for the second consecutive season.3.

Georgia beat Florida State in double overtime, 85-75, for its sixth straight win in the conference tournament.

The Gators are coming off a bye and were playing the best team in the nation in the Seminoles.4.

Georgia’s last opponent to reach the Final Four was North Carolina in 2013.

The Tar Heels are playing for their eighth consecutive national championship.5.

Georgia is now 10-0 when winning its first two games.

Georgia has won 10 consecutive games against ACC opponents.6.

The Dawgs have won seven straight home games over ACC opponents (6-0).7.

Georgia shot 54 percent from the field in its first home game.

The next closest team in that statistic was Duke (48.6 percent).8.

Georgia had the third-best offensive rebounding average in the NCAA tournament, ranking No. 1 in the league behind Louisville and Kentucky.9.

Georgia was able to score 25 points or more in three of its last four games.

The last time it scored 25 or more was in 2012, when it had 17 points or fewer in its last three games.10.

Georgia leads the country in assists per game (12.4) and assists per possession (9.9).11.

Georgia averaged 28.7 points per game, second-best in the country behind Kentucky.12.

Georgia finished second in the SEC in offensive rebounded points (933.6), second in offensive rebounds per game and third in offensive rating.13.

Georgia set the program’s career-high with 5.3 steals per game.14.

Georgia ranks No. 9 in the Pac-12 in assists, second in steals per possession and fourth in offensive efficiency.15.

Georgia made 12-of-22 3-pointers, making 81.3 percent of them.

Only Louisville made more threes.16.

Georgia scored more points than any other team in conference play.

Georgia and Kentucky were tied for first in the FBS with six games, with both teams scoring 115.0 points per contest.17.

Georgia led the ACC in steals, assists and blocks per game in the regular season.

Georgia outrebounded the opponent by a combined 27-3.18.

Georgia, ranked No. 11 in the Big Ten, had one of the best defensive records in the entire country.19.

Georgia won three of the last four ACC Tournament games, and is 8-0 all-time against the top-10 teams.20.

Georgia improved to 10-1 at home.

The first three games at home against ACC foes were all victories.21.

Georgia played the first two ACC games on the road, and won the rest.

The home wins over Georgia were its first in back-to-back ACC games since November 20, 2015 and November 22, 2016.22.

Georgia dominated the early part of the game, including a 17-3 run.

The lead ballooned to 17 midway through the second half, when the Bulldogs made their third consecutive 3-pointer.23.

Georgia held an 18-point lead heading into the final minute of the first half.

The second half came down to just eight points in the final two minutes of the half.24.

Georgia hit 15 of 28 shots in the first quarter, including all six 3-point attempts.25.

Georgia took the lead for good late in the game when Jalen Mills hit a jumper to cut the lead to 15.

Georgia shot 48.4 percent from 3-points.

The closest team to Georgia’s mark was Florida State (49.4).26.

Georgia went 9-of 11 from 3 against the ACC.

Georgia did not make a 3-pt shot in the second game.27.

Georgia forced five turnovers against the No. 3-ranked ACC team in ACC play.28.

Georgia knocked down three of four free throws in the third quarter.

The final field goal was a 3 from the corner.29.

Georgia missed its first 12 3-POINT attempts.

The teams last ACC opponent to miss 10 3-Pt attempts was Virginia (13).30.

Georgia converted a career-low four 3-pointers, including its first of the season.

The previous low was four against Wake Forest.31.

Georgia tied the ACC record for most free throws made in a game, making 22 in the loss to Florida State.32.

Georgia committed four turnovers in the win over Florida State