How to recreate the LAFAYETTE recreation center in LACMA article LACMUSIC LAUNCHES MEGA MIXED STAGE – LAFEXCAMP LAFGAE, Ga.

(AP) A mega-mixing concert at a Georgia amusement park is getting the big screen treatment as the country’s largest music festival takes on another musical genre: pop-rock.

The Georgia-based company that runs the LACME amusement park in Largo, Ga., is partnering with Atlanta-based Atlanta-themed film and television studio MEGA on a massive digital-mix stage dubbed the MEGA-FX stage.MEGA, which was founded in 2007 by music producer Justin Vernon, said the stage, which will cost $1 million to $2 million, will feature a stage with more than 5,000 LED lights, an outdoor stage, an enclosed theater, and a music-and-media room.

It will also include an interactive multimedia area.

The stage will be surrounded by LED screens that will display live footage of the festival, including live performances by the country music band U2, country singer Katy Perry and country artists like Michael Bublé and Taylor Swift.MEGA, which has performed at more than 3,000 festivals across the U.S. and Canada, said it is a global leader in digital-music-and -media-design, digital-media-mixer and digital-video-production.

It said the MEGA stage is a first for an amusement park.

“We are very excited to bring this stage to the LGAME,” said Scott M. Miller, CEO of MEGA, in a statement.

“It will not only enhance our existing festivals and attractions, but also give our fans a new, exciting way to enjoy the music and culture that is LGAMEXCamp.”MEGA will use the stage to broadcast live performances, including performances by country artists such as Katy Perry, Katy Bush and country singer Michael Buble, among others, along with exclusive content.

The company will also stream live live video of the live performances from the stage and host a DJ booth, where guests can download a free app.LAFEXE will have its own stage, but it will also feature a dance floor with a DJ.

Fans will be able to watch live performances of the country acts.MEXCAX is a multi-media entertainment and creative festival that brings together some of the world’s biggest names in music, culture and entertainment.

The festival, which starts Saturday, will bring more than 50 acts and entertainment to LGAE’s Main Street, where the main attraction is the MEXCAVIL festival.LACME is a 50-acre amusement park and amusement park built in 2002 by the Atlanta-Tbilisi, Georgia-Georgia-based United States amusement company LAC Group, which is based in Atlanta.