How to stay safe on the trails in Westwood

WESTWOOD, Texas (Reuters) – An investigation by the U.S. Forest Service into the safety of Westwood’s popular Wildwood recreation area is focused on two key questions: How many people were killed, and how many were injured.

The investigation was launched after at least seven people died and dozens were injured in two days of heavy rains that blanketed parts of Texas and Oklahoma last week.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said at least 25 people were injured by falling rocks and fallen trees and at least 10 people died after a rock fall and tree fall in a rural area near the resort.

It said three people had died in Texas and one in Oklahoma and the injuries included cuts and bruises.

The agency also said a man in a car died in a vehicle accident on a road near the area where the rock falls occurred.

The U.N. agency said the death toll in Texas is likely to be higher, with some fatalities believed to be as high as 40.

The agency said it is asking for help from the public, especially in the case of the fatalities.