“If I die in a plane crash, how can I be a recreational pilot?” – Fox News

Fox News’ Sean Hannity and his co-hosts were asked this question during a segment that aired Tuesday evening.

They answered by saying they are willing to accept the loss of a loved one if it means being able to fly.

“You never know,” Hannity said.

“But if you die in an airplane crash, you could be a real estate agent.”

Hannity went on to say that he had met someone who was a pilot who was “a real estate investor and the guy said he had a lot of friends who are recreational pilots and he said, ‘I’d like to go back and teach them.’

And they said, well, we’re just not interested.”

Hannity said he wanted to “try and help” them with their transition to being a recreational pilots.

“I want to try and help them in the transition to recreational,” Hannity told Hannity.

“So if you know of someone who needs help with that, we can help you.”

Hannity added, “If they go on to become recreational pilots, they would be able to go up in the air and fly for the government.”

Hannity then made an analogy with the people who are going to “become a realtor” when they “became recreational pilots.”

“You have the person who became a realtor,” Hannity explained.

“And you have the guy who becomes a pilot and then they become a recreational.

And if they don’t, they’re not going to get into the sky. “

They have to go through the same transition that we have to, if they ever want to become a pilot, they have to undergo the same process.

I would certainly welcome the possibility. “

If we could help people who would want to do that, I would be very happy to do it.

I would certainly welcome the possibility.

And I know some of the pilots are saying, well it would be so easy for me to become one.

But the reality is, it would take years and years and thousands of hours to become an aviator.

And that’s why I’ve got to make sure that people who do want to go into that business can do it safely and safely.”

The segment ended with Hannity saying, “You know, it’s like you go into the woods and you find a bear, and you get scared, and then you go back, and all you see are wolves.”

Hannity has made numerous controversial statements over the years, most recently during a 2016 interview with a former Trump campaign aide.

Hannity also used an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network in which he said that a “total meltdown” in Charlottesville was a result of “political correctness gone wild” and said that there are “very good people on both sides of this issue.”

The Fox News host also has repeatedly attacked President Donald Trump, claiming that he’s “an absolute racist” and has called him a “moron.”

He has also repeatedly attacked former President Bill Clinton, claiming he was “the worst president in the history of the United States.”