Legal recreational drugs to be sold in Washington state

Recreational drugs like marijuana and ecstasy have been legalized in Washington, D.C. but it’s still legal to sell them, and that’s going to change.

The new rules on recreational sales will go into effect on July 1.

They’re still going to be illegal to sell marijuana or ecstasy.

They’ll still have to be kept in a locked room.

They still have some of the same regulations that apply to medical marijuana.

You can’t grow them, you can’t sell them to someone who is already on the prescription.

But you can legally buy them in Washington.

That’s the key thing.

There are going to still be some very strict requirements about what they can be, and some very relaxed ones about how much they can cost, but I think it’s a huge improvement over what was in place before.

There will still be strict controls around where people can get their marijuana, so it’s not going to happen in parks or anywhere you’re not supposed to be allowed to go.

You’re still not allowed to bring your children into your home, so you’ll still need a separate place for them to sleep and eat.

But they’re not going back to a place where you had to go through a probationary period before you could buy it.

There’s also some new restrictions around the use of the drug.

Right now, you have to have a prescription to get a medical marijuana card.

It’s going away.

There is going to also be a new requirement that you have a doctor’s recommendation before you can buy recreational marijuana.

That prescription will still have a label on it, and it’s going be a form letter.

So you’ll be able to get that from your doctor or from a licensed practitioner.

That’ll be in a separate form.

But the rules are going a step further than that, which is to have your doctor, or a licensed pharmacist, write a prescription for you to use.

So if you have any questions about how you got your card, you’ll have to call the office to get it written.

If you have concerns about it, you will be able give them a call.

But there’s going a lot more regulation around how much you can get and how much it costs, and how it’s supposed to look and smell.

That will still remain the case.

The only changes will be to the way the state uses the drug, which will include testing for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

The state is testing a lot of marijuana for THC in order to identify strains that are better for treating chronic pain.

There has been some speculation that marijuana is a gateway drug, but it seems to be less common in Washington than it is in Colorado and other states where marijuana is legal.

But it’s always going to have that potential for abuse.

People who are high will continue to consume it, because they have to go back to the same things that they did before.

And the main reason people smoke marijuana is that it’s so relaxing, which can make it very addictive.

But that’s not the only reason.

There have been a lot, many studies showing that marijuana leads to depression, anxiety, and other negative effects.

So it can be addictive, and a lot is going on in terms of how we regulate it.

This is a very exciting time in Washington’s history, but the new rules are also a step in the right direction.

I think they’re going to create a lot better regulations in Washington State and other jurisdictions, but they’re also going to make the process of getting legal recreational marijuana much easier for the general public.