Cannabis: An interesting topic in Colorado

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado since the beginning of the year.But the new law doesn’t allow recreational pot shops to open until February of 2019.The law also does not include a definition of recreational cannabis.That means businesses that […]

How to get your passport to Florida and how to renew it

As a recreational traveler in Florida, it’s always important to know how to navigate your passport when traveling abroad.With this guide, we’ll help you get your visa to the island of Michigan, as well as other states in Florida.This guide […]

Recreational weed has grown in the U.S. over the past few years, but the industry has a steep uphill climb ahead

Recreational marijuana has grown by a factor of two since 2000, according to the U-M Department of Environmental Protection.The state has issued permits to more than 6,500 marijuana businesses, but just under half of them have been licensed, and more […]

Rocky Mountain Recreational Marijuana Massachusetts Launches Recreational Weed Dispensary

ROCKY MOUNTAIN, Mass.— — Recreational marijuana is coming to Massachusetts in 2018.And now the state will have a recreational marijuana market to boot.The Massachusetts Cannabis Regulatory Commission (MCRC) announced Thursday it will start accepting recreational marijuana in 2018, with the […]

What is scotting recreation turners?

November 3, 2020 13:35:16Scotts Recreational States 2020 (SRS) is a cryptocurrency and blockchain based on Scotts government-issued recreation turn-around ticket.SRS is a ticket redemption scheme and a cryptocurrency designed to incentivize recreational use of Scotches government- issued recreational turn-about ticket.It […]