New York’s recreational pot stores could open as soon as next year

New York state’s recreational marijuana market is set to open to the public next year, with new retailers opening in places like Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

The state is the first in the country to legalize recreational marijuana in a manner similar to its medical market, but it has faced fierce opposition from municipalities, state lawmakers, and even federal law enforcement.

A new initiative in New York State aims to end that, setting up a recreational marijuana dispensary on Staten Island in a location that’s close to schools and businesses, and a recreational cannabis dispensary in the Bronx.

As the Times of Israel reported, New York City has yet to get a license for the recreational pot dispensary in its neighborhood, and some New York residents are concerned that the state will sell out to the private market if it does.

“The public would be going to the dispensary to smoke weed,” said Michael Lazzaro, a resident of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood who was part of a group of residents who opposed the new marijuana dispensaries in the borough.

“I think the public has to be aware of the situation in New Jersey,” Lazzado said.

“They should be aware that there are no dispensaries in this state.

If they can’t do that, they should at least make sure they’re going to be doing the right thing.”

The new recreational pot shops would be located in two boroughs: one in Brooklyn, and one in Manhattan.

The city is in the midst of a massive marijuana bust that has shut down hundreds of dispensaries across the city.

According to the Times, “in addition to being shut down, the dispensaries have been shut down for more than a month.

At least three of the dispensaries, including a Brooklyn location, are closed, and there are concerns about safety and security.

The stores have been located at the end of an avenue that bisects Brooklyn, where residents and businesses congregate to get high and shop.

New York has more than 4,000 recreational marijuana stores, according to a January report by the New York Drug Policy Alliance, and as of February, more than 3,000 of those were operating in New Brunswick.

There’s also concern that the city’s medical marijuana market could become more vulnerable, with the state’s medical dispensaries closing their doors and opening up recreational marijuana dispensaries to other New Yorkers.

“We’re going after it. “

As soon as we get the license, we’ll start operating immediately,” Michael Luzzo, a Brooklyn resident, told the Times.

“We’re going after it.

We’re not going to stop until it’s open.”

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