Oregon recreational dispensary licenses to grow recreational cannabis

CUSTOMERS who use recreational marijuana will be able to purchase their marijuana in recreational shops in Oregon this year, as the state prepares to legalize recreational pot.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission voted unanimously Thursday to issue a new retail license to The Joyner Recreational Cannabis Co. The new license, which will go into effect July 1, is for the sale of recreational marijuana in nine recreational-only establishments within the state.

The commission also authorized the sale and distribution of medical marijuana to patients who are registered with a health care provider.

The licenses are in addition to a $2 million in sales tax revenue that will go to the state’s general fund.

The Joyners are among the many retail businesses that have already begun selling recreational marijuana, but it remains illegal under federal law to grow or possess marijuana.

The Oregon Liquors Commission voted to approve the retail licenses Thursday.

The two other licensees approved Thursday were the Eugene Recreation Center and The Fairview Recreational Center.

Both retail licenses were approved in December.

The state will begin issuing recreational marijuana sales on Jan. 1.

The Liquors commission is expected to make its decision on the licenses later this month.

Oregon recreational marijuana is not a regulated product, unlike alcohol and cigarettes, and will not be taxed or regulated like other medical marijuana products.