Poll: Nearly one in three Israelis consider recreational fishing a legitimate activity

More than one in five Israelis consider it to be legitimate and an integral part of life, a survey by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research has found.

The poll, conducted by the organization, showed that just over one-third of Israelis polled consider recreational flotillas to be “a legitimate form of economic activity”.

Nearly one-in-five Israelis (19.7%) said recreational flotsam was a legitimate way to raise money and “provide jobs for young people”.

More than half (53%) said the use of flotilla nets “is not illegal” and that it was not illegal to use them.

The survey found that almost half (48%) of those surveyed did not consider recreational fishermen “legitimate”, while one-quarter (24%) said they were “not at all legitimate”.

Only 13.5% of those polled said that recreational fishing was “very legitimate”.

The survey also found that more than one-fifth (21%) of Israelis were “very concerned” about the situation in Gaza, and another 17% said they “strongly” agreed.

The report was published in English by the Palestine Center for Peace and Development on Monday.

It was commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Palestine Ministry of the Economy, Culture, Sports and Tourism.

More than one million Israelis have been killed by Hamas in the Gaza Strip since 2006.

More:Israelis have long been wary of recreational fishing, with a 2015 survey by Israel’s main pollster, the Tel Aviv University Institute for Public Opinion, revealing that more were wary than in previous years.