Which cities are hosting the first-ever recreational marijuana events?

On January 6, 2017, the city of Tustin, California, will hold the first recreational marijuana event in the United States, taking place at the Tustins-based Tuttletop Recreational Park.The park, which will be open to the public, will be the first […]

Massachusetts cannabis stores open to the public as legal dispensaries hit the market

Massachusetts has opened up its recreational marijuana markets to the general public, with stores opening nationwide starting Thursday.The state’s marijuana retail market is set to open in the next several weeks, with businesses that currently have licenses in place starting […]

Which Cities Are Making a Comeback from the Dust Storm?

The most recent dust storm is a long way from its heyday and the aftermath of the 2008 Superstorm Sandy.But for the city of Winters, the storm and the subsequent aftermath have provided a chance to reclaim the streets and […]

Why do you need to get into the recreation industry?

By Jeff MillerAssociated PressAuburn, Alabama (AP) The people of Michigan are asking what to do with the recreational pot industry that is rapidly spreading in the state.Michigan Gov.Rick Snyder has proposed a statewide law to ban it, saying it could […]