Seattle’s Giant Recreational World Gets $7.5M from Federal Government

Seattle, WA (August 12, 2018)—Seattle’s Giant Recreation World has been awarded a $7 million Federal Government grant for the construction of a new recreation center in the city’s West Seattle neighborhood.

The $2.5 million grant is the largest of its kind to a recreational facility in the country.

The grant was awarded to the city of Seattle and the state of Washington.

The construction of the recreation center is expected to take three to five years.

In addition to construction of recreational facilities, the Federal Government has committed $250,000 toward the construction and operations of the new center.

Construction is expected begin this year.

The new center will house a large amphitheater, a fitness center, an outdoor recreation area, a small theater, a food court, and other recreational facilities.

The center will also house a library, a community meeting room, and a visitor center.

The city of West Seattle has agreed to make significant financial contributions toward the project, and the city is also contributing to its construction.

The project is a major step in the revitalization of West Bellevue and West Seattle.

The expansion of the city into West Bellevues West and North neighborhoods was a long-term vision and an investment in the neighborhoods that were once seen as less than ideal.

Now that West Bellevuing is now a vibrant, diverse and prosperous community, the new recreation facility will provide a positive anchor to the revitalized area.

The park is expected be complete by 2020.

The site is zoned as a community facility, meaning that it will be able to accommodate large groups of people.

The proposed recreation facility is expected add up to approximately 4,500 square feet of park space, which is comparable to the area that was originally designed.

The estimated construction cost is approximately $1.8 million.

The City of West Vancouver and the Federal government also contributed to the project.

The Federal Government is also responsible for providing the City of Vancouver with a $1 million grant to pay for the project’s construction.