How the Wildlife Park at Waterloo is changing life for tourists and locals

On the first day of the spring season, a group of locals are returning from a trip to the wild park on the edge of the city.They are enjoying a stroll through the park, when suddenly the sound of someone […]

Which cities are hosting the first-ever recreational marijuana events?

On January 6, 2017, the city of Tustin, California, will hold the first recreational marijuana event in the United States, taking place at the Tustins-based Tuttletop Recreational Park.The park, which will be open to the public, will be the first […]

Rocky Mountain Recreational Marijuana Massachusetts Launches Recreational Weed Dispensary

ROCKY MOUNTAIN, Mass.— — Recreational marijuana is coming to Massachusetts in 2018.And now the state will have a recreational marijuana market to boot.The Massachusetts Cannabis Regulatory Commission (MCRC) announced Thursday it will start accepting recreational marijuana in 2018, with the […]

Recreational marijuana dispensaries in California set to open within year

California’s recreational marijuana market is set to expand rapidly after the state passed legislation allowing medical marijuana businesses to operate in the state.The state is set for the first legal recreational marijuana dispensaries to open in California’s Central Valley, the […]

Seattle’s Giant Recreational World Gets $7.5M from Federal Government

Seattle, WA (August 12, 2018)—Seattle’s Giant Recreation World has been awarded a $7 million Federal Government grant for the construction of a new recreation center in the city’s West Seattle neighborhood.The $2.5 million grant is the largest of its kind […]