How to find the perfect painting in the library

The American Library Association’s 2018 edition of the Best of American Art magazine lists more than 2,000 paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, and other artworks, but it also lists the best library book collections in the world.That list was compiled from […]

A group of veterans are suing the Cincinnati Recreation Commission for not taking steps to protect their health and safety

Posted October 01, 2018 05:04:54A group of Cincinnati veterans has filed a lawsuit against the city and Recreation Commissioner Kevin Dolan claiming that the Recreation Commission is not taking the steps to keep its veterans safe and out of harm’s […]

Seattle’s Giant Recreational World Gets $7.5M from Federal Government

Seattle, WA (August 12, 2018)—Seattle’s Giant Recreation World has been awarded a $7 million Federal Government grant for the construction of a new recreation center in the city’s West Seattle neighborhood.The $2.5 million grant is the largest of its kind […]