Recreational weed has grown in the U.S. over the past few years, but the industry has a steep uphill climb ahead

Recreational marijuana has grown by a factor of two since 2000, according to the U-M Department of Environmental Protection.The state has issued permits to more than 6,500 marijuana businesses, but just under half of them have been licensed, and more […]

How to Grow Marijuana in Idaho: How to Choose Your Marijuana Planting Location

The federal government and Idaho have both approved medical marijuana, but it’s only in the last few years that medical marijuana has made a significant dent in the state’s marijuana industry.In 2017, Idaho became the first state in the country […]

Why you should take a recreational marijuana degree in Minnesota

People looking to take a crack at the recreational pot industry in the state of Minnesota may want to take one more step before they decide to move forward with a medical marijuana business, a new survey from the state’s […]

Which national recreation areas will be closed?

National recreation areas (NRAs) are state-level recreation areas established to manage and promote recreational opportunities and opportunities for people of all ages.These include state parks, hiking trails, hiking towns, campgrounds, recreational centers, and the National Recreation Lands.NRAs are generally smaller […]