Why do I love watching ‘Despicable Me’ movies? ‘Desperate Housewives’ star talks about the joys of ‘Desperately Seeking Amy’

The world has changed since “Despicably Me,” but the franchise remains in a constant state of flux.The latest installment of the beloved family-friendly series has already earned over $1 billion worldwide and is currently being adapted for the big screen […]

Michigan Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to attend recreational marijuana conference in Florida

Gov.Mark Dayton, a Democrat, has been invited to attend a conference in Palm Beach, Florida, sponsored by the state’s recreational marijuana industry.Dayton has said he will be in Florida for the first time on April 13, the day of the […]

How to get a good workout at Auburn’s recreation area

Auburn, the University of Georgia and Auburn University are offering a variety of outdoor recreational activities, ranging from hiking, camping and fishing, to the popular “recreation golf course.”The athletic departments have teamed up with local parks and recreation agencies to […]