Why are we getting a mixed message about cannabis legalization in Colorado?

When Colorado passed Amendment 64 last November, it made it legal for people to possess up to two ounces of cannabis for personal use.However, the initiative also set out rules for where and how recreational cannabis shops and businesses can […]

When Trump signs bills, states will be free to open recreational marijuana stores

The Trump administration is making clear that it intends to let states and localities decide what they want to do with recreational marijuana sales in the coming months.That includes allowing states to sell recreational marijuana in grocery stores and pharmacies […]

Recreational Marijuana Stores To Be Opened In Arizona, Colorado, Arizona, California

The Recreational Cannabis Store will open in Arizona, Colo.and California, according to a report from Fox News.The Arizona City News also reported that California is the first state to open recreational marijuana stores.In California, recreational pot shops are expected to […]