University of Hawaii, which charges $12,000 for $30,000 in ‘virtual reality training,’ to close down after ‘sting’

REVORECRAFT, Hawaii (AP) A nonprofit in Hawaii that has been a popular destination for college students and others seeking virtual reality training is ending its virtual-reality training program.

The University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, which provides virtual-to-reality education and virtual-game development to nearly 2,000 students and staff, said Tuesday that it would close its online virtual-learning platform.

The move follows a sting operation last year that forced the university to close its virtual program.

“We’re proud of what we’ve achieved,” University of Hawaiian President and CEO Ken Oikawa said in a statement.

“The virtual-education community has provided a vital platform for learning in Hawai’I.

We are grateful for the many contributions we have received from the virtual-world community, both through the Virtual World Summit, and through our partnership with the Virtual Training Institute, which is a nonprofit that offers virtual-training training to students across the globe.”

The university also said it will continue to offer virtual-sports and virtual world-building courses.

The virtual-gaming community has flourished on the islands since it was formed in 2013, with virtual-racing and virtual gaming playing a large role in its growth.