When Trump signs bills, states will be free to open recreational marijuana stores

The Trump administration is making clear that it intends to let states and localities decide what they want to do with recreational marijuana sales in the coming months.

That includes allowing states to sell recreational marijuana in grocery stores and pharmacies and allowing recreational marijuana to be dispensed by mail, in small-scale grow facilities and in retail stores.

The White House announced Wednesday that it will let states decide whether they want recreational marijuana available in recreational centers. 

President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. will allow recreational marijuana use in states and communities where it’s legal.

The decision is part of a new plan that seeks to ease federal prohibition on marijuana, according to the White House.

“We are also giving states the flexibility to expand access to the drug and expand use of marijuana as a public health and public safety priority,” the White and House officials said in a joint statement.

“This new policy ensures that Americans have access to a safe, legal, and effective alternative to the dangerous and ineffective drugs of today and the drug of tomorrow,” the officials said. 

The move follows a slew of similar moves by the Trump administration, and comes as the president and the administration of his successor have pushed back on the notion that marijuana should be legalized.

The U.N. agency on drug control and crime has been working on the concept of a unified drug control approach that focuses on controlling marijuana and other illicit drugs and encouraging states to make the transition to a more legalized approach. 

Earlier this month, the Trump White House signed a proclamation declaring that states with existing medical marijuana programs will be allowed to grow their own marijuana for recreational use.

The Trump team also signed off on the administration’s request for more data about how the drug is being used in the United States. 

According to the Associated Press, the Trump administration will not require states to legalize recreational marijuana for personal use. 

“The new policies will give states the latitude to expand the use of the drug as a health and safety priority, and allow states to set up small- or large-scale recreational marijuana businesses,” the administration said in the statement.

“The Department of Justice will be issuing guidance on how to implement this new policy on July 30, 2018.” 

A statement from the WhiteHouse press office said, “States will have the option to opt out of the federal prohibition by issuing their own rules governing how and when they can start operating recreational marijuana facilities.

As part of this, the Justice Department will also review state and local rules, guidance, and guidance documents to ensure that they do not create a regulatory burden on state and private businesses.”