When will this shoe come out?

Posted November 05, 2019 10:30:37 The iconic basketball shoe brand LAFAYETTE has finally released its latest sneaker collection, with the latest addition to the Nike Dunk.

The shoe was teased back in September with the release of the Dunk, a shoe designed to celebrate the launch of Nike’s newest shoe, the Nike LeBron 11.

Now that the Dunk is finally available to purchase in stores, we’ve got a chance to get an inside look at what makes it so special.

The Dunk is one of Nike LeBron 12s most famous and iconic designs, with its iconic design inspired by the NBA All-Star game.

The Dunk is designed with a “grip for comfort and a high ankle-to-shoe ratio” that’s meant to create “a more comfortable fit”.

The Dunk features a tongue, heel and outsole, which is made from a “solid, rubberized, carbon-fiber blend” and is then “stretched to shape the foot in an ergonomic, ergonomic way”.

While the shoe’s name sounds simple, it’s actually quite complicated.

It’s actually the third iteration of the “LeBron 12”, after the original LeBron 11 and the Nike Hyper Boost 12.

While the Dunk’s tongue is a traditional “L”, the heel and midsole are “L”s, meaning they were made from two different materials and used to create a “high heel-to–toe ratio”.

As with all of Nike products, the shoe has a number of branding elements to it.

The shoe is designed around the Nike logo, which sits above the “G” and “T” in the shape of a “F” on the heel.

The “F”-shaped Nike branding is a nod to the “F”, the symbol of the United States, as well as the Dunk name, which appears in black and white across the upper and heel.

On the inside, the Dunk has a tongue with a small “V” on it, which can be used to symbolise Nike’s “Nike” branding.

The Nike Dunk’s outsole has a large “X” on each side, which are used to mark the NikeLab name.

The bottom half of the shoe is made up of a pair of “G”, “H”, and “L”-shaped rubber outsole that are “designed to give you the best possible cushioning experience”.

These “L-sole” outsole rubber outsoles feature a small vertical stripe on the top and bottom of the outsole to indicate a low profile.

As with the previous iteration, the new Dunk is available in a black and red colorway, which will come in a “Lafayette” colourway in November.

The new Dunk will retail for £200.

It will release in stores on November 13, 2019.

The latest edition of the NBA Dunk kicks off at a price tag of £200 in the UK, £225 in the US, and £400 in Australia.

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The NBA Dunk will be available for purchase in the stores on Tuesday November 11, 2019, priced at £200 UK, €225 US, $425 AU.