Which Cities Are Making a Comeback from the Dust Storm?

The most recent dust storm is a long way from its heyday and the aftermath of the 2008 Superstorm Sandy.

But for the city of Winters, the storm and the subsequent aftermath have provided a chance to reclaim the streets and reinvigorate the community.

The Winters Police Department, which operates on the streets, says the resurgence is helping it maintain and enhance its relationship with the community and keep the peace.

It’s a key component to Winters’ strategy to reduce crime and violence, said Sgt. Jeff Sauter, who oversees Winters operations.

Winters is also using its time to develop a new program to help kids with developmental disabilities learn to read and write.

But the program will not be used as a substitute for more traditional programs.

Sautal said Winters has also made a concerted effort to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood, especially the way people interact.

He said the police department has expanded social events like bowling, concerts, music and outdoor activities to more of a casual event, while also expanding their presence on social media.

“The Winters community is resilient and they’ve got a really great team behind them, and they are able to work really hard to make sure that we have good interactions with our community,” Sautel said.