Which recreational dispensaries are closing?

TUCSON — It’s the end of the summer and it’s the last time you can get your hands on a bag of pot.

The state has just begun to shut down all recreational marijuana businesses.

The closures are part of a $2.4 billion spending plan.

That includes $1 billion for an expansion of the state’s health care system, $1.3 billion for a casino and $1 million to fund a $5 million expansion of a high school football field.

The number of dispensaries in Arizona has plummeted to about 20.

Most are located in Tempe, Tucson and Flagstaff.

There are also dozens of other facilities in other cities across the state.

There’s also a growing number of medical marijuana dispensaries.

In some cases, they are just not profitable.

The business model is complicated, so we asked several dispensary owners about what went wrong and how they are trying to get back on the road to profitability.

The medical cannabis industry is thriving, and there are hundreds of new businesses, said Jeff Pimentel, president of the Arizona Dispensary Association.

But there is a stigma surrounding the industry.

There is a lot of anxiety around it and a lot that is behind the scenes that we need to be aware of,” he said.

Pimentel said Arizona has been a leader in the marijuana industry, but it is not a perfect fit for the state as it’s dealing with the opioid epidemic.

Pepin Kuczynski, a Phoenix pharmacist, said he thinks dispensaries should be licensed by the state and that it is time to legalize marijuana.

Kucsykson has been licensed by Arizona to grow medical marijuana in the past, but said his business is not profitable and his customers are not happy with the dispensaries.

Preston Hall, a medical marijuana dispensary owner, said there are some positive things about the recreational marijuana market.

He thinks the recreational market can be a good investment.

But it is too early to tell if recreational marijuana will have a lasting impact on Arizona.

He said it is hard to predict what the economy will do and it is possible some dispensaries will close, while others will open and grow.

The Arizona Medical Association and the Arizona Department of Health say they will have more information about the future of the recreational pot industry on Jan. 13.